For Our Kids is about helping all children and youth in our community to reach their potential.
For Our Kids gives you a way to make a real difference with how our community's kids are growing. We want Whanganui to be a place where kids are supported and valued; a place where kids do great things and do them well; a place where our kids are happy.
Volunteering for any amount of time (e.g. an hour once a week or an hour once a month) will make a difference. You might already be volunteerins with sports, clubs or at a local school or Kura - by becoming a For Our Kids accredited volunteer you will be a part of a community-wide network, a partnership, a whanau.
For Our Kids volunteers receive valuable training and support and we can find you a place to volunteer if you don't already have an accredited For Our Kids organisation to connect with.
And even if you don't have something like sports, culture, cooking, academic or creative skills to pass on it doesn't matter....sometimes it is just about having someone there to say "give it a go" or "well done, aren't you fantastic!"
Groups such as Schools, Sports Clubs, Interest Groups, Support Organisations, and many more will benefit from the increased participation of volunteers in their organisation and the higher level of understanding these volunteers will have of our young people. To be a Community Partner, groups will go through a simple accreditation program to ensure they are doing the best for our young people and their volunteers.
Employers will be a significant part of FOR OUR KIDS. Those employers who encourage and release their employees for 1 to 2 hours each week to positively support young people in the community will be actively recognised and promoted by FOR OUR KIDS.
There will be four significant events in the year supported by FOR OUR KIDS. These events will be about celebrating our whole community; volunteers, employers, families, and our kids.

When we talk of families we often think of parents and children. However, there is a lot more to families; grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins, and even friends, neighbours, teachers etc. FOR OUR KIDS will recognise the hard work and achievements that our families are doing together and support all the great programs and services that are being offered to our families.

We are hoping that you will get in behind FOR OUR KIDS, simply by supporting all of our Whanganui young people in what ever way you can